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Your Child's Sleep Is NOT Your Fault

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Did you know that...

A whopping 99% of my sleep cases are due to an underlying issue which is making sleep hard for a child to achieve.

Of these 99% of cases, the child's sleep issues are NOT the fault of the parents.

Pretty staggering statistics, right?!

sleep quality, poor sleep
A child's sleep presentation is not the parents fault

You would not believe how complex sleep is. It’s intricate and an area heavily misunderstood. I know, because it’s my line of work. It’s my speciality and I breathe it.

I am constantly up-skilling my knowledge to deeper understand how sleep can cause such big waves throughout child, and if not resolved, right through adulthood.

If your child is a difficult sleeper and you’re always searching for ways to fix it, but are yet to find the magic piece of the puzzle, it’s because you haven’t found the underlying issue....yet!

You’ve probably focused heavily on:

  • a level of sleep training

  • the sleep environment

  • day sleep balance

  • bedtime

  • night lights

  • sleep associations

  • naps

  • comforters

  • sleep aids

  • diet

  • routines

  • wind-down routines

  • room temperate

  • sleeping bags

  • milk feeding

  • settling strategies

  • and more...

And found no long-term solution.

sleep training, sleep guidance, CIO, controlled crying, Ferber, sleeping bags, sleep aids, comfort toys, Riff Raff
No amount of sleep training, nap structures or sleep aids will improve your child's sleep when there's an underlying issue

In 99% of cases, when I work with a client, I find an underlying reason as to why their child finds sleep so hard. Whether your child is presenting with:

  • sleep resistance

  • delayed sleep onset

  • frequent night wakes

  • catnapping

  • night parties

  • split nights

  • significant emotional response at sleep times

  • early rising; or


These are all symptoms of something deeper.

And did you know, subject to social comments and family input, poor sleep is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Read that again. Your child’s poor sleep is not your fault.

There will be a root issue making sleep hard for your child to achieve.

Your Mama instincts are right. You KNOW in your heart of hearts that something isn't quite right with your child's sleep, but everyone is telling you there's nothing wrong or that the sleep presentation is normal. Or that you're TRYING to find a problem.

You just need that ONE person who will hear you, listen to you, validate your concerns and find that missing link for you.

And this, my friend, is me and my unique practicing model. I will always identify EXACTLY what is going on, sometimes digging as far back as your pregnancy, labor and delivery, to give you the REAL answers.

Hit 'REPLY' to send me an email if this is you, and share your story with me. I CAN help you!

I'd love to be the one to work with you and give you the right path forward.

I'm here to chat to you whenever you are ready! Book in for a time to have a free chat with me:

Forever bringing sleep to families,

My name is Shereen Nielsen and I am a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, working with children aged birth to 12 years. I have been practicing for over 7 years and helped more than 3000 families reach their sleep goals.

I am also a lecturer and mentor for students on their journey towards becoming a Sleep Consultant, through my on-line internationally recognised sleep consultants course.

Phone: +61419820474

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