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Your Child's Sleep Issues Are NOT Your Fault

Did you know that...

A whopping 99% of my sleep cases are due to an underlying issue which is making sleep hard for a child to achieve.

Of these 99% of cases, the child's sleep issues are NOT the fault of the parents.

Pretty staggering statistics, right?!

sleep quality, poor sleep
A child's sleep presentation is not the parents fault

You would not believe how complex sleep is. It’s intricate and an area heavily misunderstood. I know, because it’s my line of work. It’s my speciality and I breathe it.

I am constantly up-skilling my knowledge to deeper understand how sleep can cause such big waves throughout child, and if not resolved, right through adulthood.

If your child is a difficult sleeper and you’re always searching for ways to fix it, but are yet to find the magic piece of the puzzle, it’s because you haven’t found the underlying issue....yet!

You’ve probably focused heavily on:

  • a level of sleep training

  • the sleep environment

  • day sleep balance

  • bedtime

  • night lights

  • sleep associations

  • naps

  • comforters

  • sleep aids

  • diet

  • routines