Client Stories

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Kylie and Alice 

"OMG Shereen you are an absolute life saver!

Our 11month old baby girl has not been easy to settle at night and was waking every 2-3 hours on a good night making nights very exhausting. To make matters worse only mummy could get her down bouncing on an exercise ball which wasn’t doing mummy or her back any favours.

But after the most reassuring, and supportive home consultation, we are now on a 7:30-7:30 routine AND falling asleep in her cot after 2.5 weeks!!! I never thought it was possible.

And follow up support afterwards is fantastic.
Couldn’t recommend you more!!! In fact I have to 2 people already!"


Amy and Spencer

Good morning Shereen,
I just want to THANK YOU so much! You were absolutely spot on with Spencer and we’re on the road to recovery!

The last 2 weeks she’s just flipped a switch and is able to self settle, link sleep cycles during the day and be resettled when she wakes up - resulting in 2hr day naps!!!

I’m so so glad I went with my gut and did the consultation with you! You have saved my baby from a lot of issues down the track! I hope you’re keeping well xxx



Brooke and Daphne

Shereen, I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for helping us with our daughter Daphne.


Daphne was always a great sleep, 7pm-7am every night without fail up until 5 months ago, she started waking every couple of hours over night and wouldn’t settle, this went on for 4 months!


We never would have thought to even check to see if there was a medical reason behind it, this is something you picked up on within the first 20mins of meeting her!


Having her adenoids checked and removed was the best decision we made and best advice we had. It took two weeks for her to recover after the surgery but has slept through the night ever since!


We will be highly recommending you, and will keep you posted on our son who we are just stating to have sleep issues with.. so you may hear from us again very soon!


Again a huge Thankyou!! We have a much happier home now xx"