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As a client, it is your requirement to:


  • Follow the safe sleeping practices in line with your country’s safe sleeping recommendations.

  • Check with your GP to ensure that it is safe to undertake sleep guidance strategies, if your child has any medical conditions which prevent them from being sleep trained safely.

  • Disclose any known medical condition to your consultant.



When you work with Shereen, it is important that you understand the below points. When you enlist Shereen’s services, you automatically understand and agree to the following:


  • The information surrounding my child may be used in case studies, with the knowledge that no identifying information will be used and all names will be changed or hidden unless agreed by you otherwise.

  • Pay the invoice prior to the scheduled consult date. If the invoice is not paid and your intake form is not sent to Shereen within 12 hours of your consult, the consultation will be cancelled. If, on an agreed term, the consultation proceeds, you will not receive your written assessment until the invoice is finalised.


  • In the event of outstanding invoices, if the outstanding amount is not paid for within 7 days of the consult, you will be charged a late payment fee. 

  • When you agree to the payment contract, if the invoice is delayed by more than 7 days of the required payment date for each instalment, a late payment fee will be added every week at the rate of $15 per week.

  • Payment plans for a sleep service incur a $49 admin processing fee.


  • In the event of outstanding invoices which are not finalised, admin will refer the balance to a collection agency. Any collection costs incurred from the collection agency will be the responsibility of the customer.


  • You understand that any documentation that you receive from Shereen is Copyright to Shereen Nielsen Sleep Consultant. All documents are confidential the advice is intended for your family only. It should not be shared with any third party. 


  • Cancellations are requested at least 48 hours prior to the consultation. If you cancel your consult more than two times, your booking will be cancelled and not rescheduled. 

  • Travel charges are set as per travel time with the first 30 minutes of travel free of charge. 

  • The information you receive in your consultation and assessment is specific to you and your situation and are suggestions for change. Any changes that you make to your child's sleeping or awake time behaviours are your decision and of which you are responsible for choosing to implement. The sleep improvement process requires consistency and dedication to achieve results.

  • No refund is provided once your consultation has been complete and you receive your documents.


Changes to Terms and Conditions


If we decide to change our Terms and Conditions, we will post these changes on this page and/or update the modification date below.


This policy was last modified on March 7, 2023.

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