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The Sleep Academy

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Are you looking for all the information, knowledge, resources and sleep tips to bring positive changes to your child's sleep? Are you tired of the overload of information, with countless sleep websites offering varying information? Have you had enough of guessing what is going on with your child's sleep and fed up with trying different approaches without any luck? I hear you! I was where you are now. I know exactly how overwhelming and confusing the available information is. In all honesty, it's really not helpful! The good news is, I have taken all I know and narrowed it down into the vital bits of information you need to make a change! Welcome to... The Sleep Academy! A self-paced, easy to follow and affordable sleep education program. Included in the Sleep Academy: Welcome Video Lesson 1 - Defining Your Child’s Sleep Issues and Your Goals Lesson 2 - Preparing to Reach Your Sleep Goals Lesson 3 - Sleep Science Lesson 4 - Milk and Nutrition Lesson 5 - Naps Lesson 6 - Night Sleep Lesson 7 - Sleep Psychology Lesson 8 - BONUS Mindset Coaching Class Lesson 9 - Sleep Improvement Plans Lesson 10 - BONUS Find the Right Sleep Guidance Strategy for You Lesson 11 - Finalising Your Plan Also provided: - Activity Sheets - Journalling Documents - Nap Schedules PDF - Sleep Associations PDF - Sleep Environment PDF - Milk and Nutrition PDF - 12 Months Access to Support Group Are you ready to finally make a change? Join now!



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