Hi, I am Shereen Nielsen and I am a proud Mama to two beautiful children (son aged 7 years and daughter aged 4.5 years) and a lucky wife.

My experience with birthing my children were beautiful and I consider myself very fortunate.

I am also an Infant and Child Sleep Coach working with children from birth up to the age of 8 years. I have been practicing for over 5 years and only use strategies which are personalised to meet the individual needs of each family, based on the issues at hand and the parents sleep goals.

My practicing model is to determine the real reason behind why your child has difficulties with sleep and then provide you with the key solutions. 

One of the questions I ask my clients is about their labor and delivery as this can help me to conclude on why their babies may be sleeping poorly. Through this discussion, I hear many dampening stories as to how women are treated through their labor journey and how they are not supported to make this an enjoyable and positive experience.

Upon reflection of my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, and the crazy world of baby sleep, I do wish there were areas where I had more knowledgeable support and guidance through my journey. I believe that if there was more readily available information and education for all facets of pregnancy and beyond, my experience as a first-time Mum would have been more enjoyable and less stressful.

As a Doula, I am your support network through your pathways to becoming a parent.

I encourage, empower and support you so you can experience a wholesome and powerful pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum journey. I provide evidence-based practice, research, information and the tools you will benefit from so you can have a fulfilling journey as you enter the world of parenting.

Nothing will completely prepare you for the emotions you feel when you first see that positive pregnancy test, when you have that first contraction or when you see and hold your bundle of joy for the first time. However, I will ensure that you are emotionally, physically and mentally prepared for the stages of pregnancy, labor and post-delivery so you can have the utmost journey. And you will be able to continually look back on your time with your heart filled with joy and contentment.

Building confidence, empowerment and strength in my clients through trust, connection and emotions is my speciality. And this is key when supporting you to achieve your goals as you become a parent.

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What I Specialise In

Gentle sleep methods and respectful approach

Understanding the root causes of difficult sleep

Holistic factors 

Guiding parents to calm and relaxing births

Supporting parents through their pregnancy and beyond

Your journey through pregnancy and beyond starts with my knowledge, guidance and support!

"UPDATE : SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! 7pm-6am last few nights. It was only a nasty two nights but now I think she understands so THANK YOU!!!

Client: Rebecca

“Hi Shereen. You are one amazing woman! I honestly cannot thank you enough!!!”

Client: Jessica

“A miracle happened! He slept ALL NIGHT!!!!”

Client: Grace


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