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Hi, I'm Shereen Nielsen and I am a gentle sleep consultant for infants and children.


I have been practicing for 5 years and have helped thousands of families positively change their child's sleep using a personalised and gentle approach. 

Through my own personal experience with a child who struggled immensely with sleep, I created my business, Maternal Nurtures, with YOU and your needs in mind. Parenting is an unknown, crazy world that no-one can prepare you for, but you can definitely have the support you need once you’re in the thick of it. 

I offer one on one sleep consultations to truly understand your situation and delve into the depths of why your child’s sleep is challenging and further create personalised strategies to guide you on your sleep improvement path. My services and methods are designed to compliment your parenting style, support your child’s temperament and achieve your sleep goals without compromise. The pathway to positive sleep habits does not require CIO or controlled-crying, so if you're looking for a gentle plan which is respectful of your needs, then my services will be a good fit for you.


My services are flexible and reflective of your wants, needs and wishes. There is no right way to navigate parenthood which is why I offer a very personalised approach with each client.

If you would like to connect with me, please schedule in a 15 minute free discovery call here.

I would love to support you through any phase you are needing that extra level of care and nurturing with and I look forward to hearing from you.



Shereen xx 

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What I Specialise In

Gentle and personalised sleep plans 

Understanding and identifying the root causes of difficult sleep

Supporting and educating parents

Virtual and in-home services

Holistic and multifactorial approach

Your pathway towards improved sleep is nurtured by my knowledge, care and support

Thank you for the care you have given to me as I adjusted to being a Mum for my baby. Your support and presence really made the transition much easier for me.

Client: Stephanie

“Hi Shereen. You are one amazing woman! I honestly cannot thank you enough!!!”

Client: Jessica

“A miracle happened! He slept ALL NIGHT!!!!”

Client: Grace