Confidently approach your child’s naps so they get the great sleep they need and you get more *you* time during the day!


You asked and I listened.


You need help with your child’s naps, and I have the tools to give YOU!


This workshop has been designed to give you the knowledge and strategies you need to turn your challenges around your child’s day sleep into easy-breezy naps! 😎


You will feel more positive and optimistic approaching your child’s naps so you can have those “I’m-going-to-have-a-HOT-coffee” feels ;) 


This workshop is for you if you:


😎  Are sick and tired of your child catnapping

😎  Would love your child to have longer naps during the day

😎  Have had enough of an overtired child from too little day sleep

😎  Want to know HOW to improve your child’s naps

😎  Are dreaming of more time during the day 

😎  Are READY to make BIG changes



Are you all “Umm, YES!!!! That’s me”?!?!


Then this Naps Workshop is EXACTLY what you need!


So what do you get inside this Naps Workshop?


Oh, you know, just all my knowledge you need to know about Naps so you can work on positively improving your child’s day sleep!


When you join this Workshop, you will gain access to the Naps Workshop video where I will cover all you need to know to appropriately address your child’s sleep so that you can have a perfect little napper!


During this one-session workshop, I will address: 


🔥  The Circadian Rhythm and its relevance to naps

🔥  Sleep Cycles

🔥  Routines vs No Routines

🔥  Nap Schedules

🔥  Consolidating Naps

🔥  Dropping Naps



This Nap Workshop will be recorded and uploaded so you can watch it at any time for up-to 30 days!


Oh, and I should tell you about all the BONUSES that you receive for FREE!!


When you join me and all the other parents who are in the same position as you, you will also have access to….


🚀   BONUS Nap Schedule PDF
🚀   BONUS Nap Consolidation PDF

🚀   BONUS Journaling Template 

🚀   BONUS LIVE Q&A Session to answer your burning nap questions


And, if that isn’t enough, I am also giving away a…


🚀   BONUS Nap Strategy Session for the first 5 people to book in!


Pretty sweet, right?! 


And can you believe it?! All that, plus a great little day sleeper (and some fresh lunch and hot coffee!!!) for just $17, usually $97!


And one final promise to help you make the first move in this life-changing decision, is my GUARANTEE to you!


Sign up and dive in! If after 5 days you feel like I haven’t delivered actionable ideas, advice and insights to help you move forward with improving your child's naps, then I will happily refund your investment in the program. Just email before 7.59pm ACST on Wednesday 28 April 2021 or a full refund. This is my guarantee to you.

What have you got to lose? This is GREAT value that you will not lose on!


Let’s kick-start your journey to improve your child’s naps!


Forever bringing sleep to families…


Shereen x

Naps Workshop

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