The Mindful Pregnancy - A Book Review

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Mindful Pregnancy

Mindfulness is often thought of as a superpower as the wiring of our neural networks to the secretion of hormone causes a shift in physiological function. If mindfulness works successfully in everyday life, just image the profound impact it could have on your pregnancy, labour and birth.

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Although the ability to bear and birth babies is a miracle in itself and should be celebrated, women are often robbed of their ability and rights to birth their babies in a naturally instinctive way. But what if there was a way that you could mentally, emotionally and physically prepare yourself for a positive birth outcome just by having a positive mindset?

If you are a first time Mum searching for ways which you can be relaxed, calm and emotionally present in your labour, or you are having more children and perhaps didn’t have the most positive birth experience previously, then this book is an amazing resource for you.

“Having a mindful approach to your pregnancy means learning how to stay present – in the moment as it unfolds. You are training your mind to let go of any worries or negative thoughts that come and go so you can enjoy your pregnancy with minimal stress”

The power of the mind is highly misunderstood and disregarded but with the right understanding, tools and approach as offered in this book, you can aim for a positive and calm birth. Preparing your body with supportive nutrients and pregnancy remedies, releasing oxygen through your body and to your baby with regulated breathing, correct posture and muscle relaxation and information on the stages of your pregnancy will equip you for the best possibility for a calm, relaxed and natural birth.

The resources that are presented to you in 'The Mindful Pregnancy' are wide and considerate. They are environmental in nature and guide you on the most natural and effective journey to support all areas of your pregnancy journey.

Tracy Donegan provides invaluable information on all three trimesters, breathing techniques, yoga and exercises, health and nutrition, oils, meditation, natural remedies and hypnobirthing. Her information is extensive and considerate of the mindful woman who strives for a natural and calm pregnancy and birth.

Breathing through your pregnancy will help you to refocus emotionally at any time you are feeling stressed, anxious or concerned. Focussing on your breathing is the most effective way to cope with these challenging emotions. Correct deep belly breathing increases your heart rate as you breathing in and long slow breaths out maximises your relaxation. Establishing breathing techniques can help you to slow down and increase the levels of oxygen through your body and to your baby.

“A few mindful breaths can become an instant soothing sanctuary within which your mind, body and baby are connected”

A range of breathing techniques are used at varying stages of your pregnancy and labour and Tracy covers this in her book.

Yoga can help with flexibility, strength and focus. Using stage appropriate yoga poses can help to calm your mind and strengthen your body and prepare you mentally and physically for labour. Tracy covers a range of yoga positions which can be used at each relevant phase of your pregnancy. Yoga not only prepares your body but also allows you to be in an emotionally prepared state for your labour.

Nutrition is a key factor for your mindful pregnancy as eating well will support optimal health and development for your growing baby. During your pregnancy, the surge of hormones may make you strive for increased calories but Tracy discusses the nutritional rich foods to continue to nourish your body during pregnancy. Her guide to the most supportive pregnancy foods is a must-read if you are keen to mindfully consume foods to reduce the likelihood of experiencing complications.

“Your daily food choices will influence your pregnancy, your birth and your newborns long-term health”

Meditation is an extremely useful tool to calm the emotional part of your mind and allows you to see more clearly during times you are feeling stressed, angry, fearful or overwhelmed. The calming and nurturing part of meditation will support you through your pregnancy to encourage a positive and stable mindset which will have a flow-on effect to your body and baby. In addition to these positive outcomes of meditation, recent research suggests that “meditation is excellent for navigating the waves of sensations in labour by increasing your mental focus, which reduces your pain”.

Meditation not only helps you to calm and relax in the first instance, it also helps you to sleep better, maintain a healthy weight, reduces stress, reduces risks, enhances your mood and assists in building a healthier body with your baby and partner.

Hypnobirthing is also becoming increasing popular due to it’s widely known benefits. Hypnobirthing encourages healthy and proper breathing and relaxation to guide you on an empowered pregnancy and birth.

Specifically, hypnobirthing in pregnancy can help to improve your sleep, reduce nausea and lower stress. During labour, you can use your techniques to stay focused and reduce stress and for many women, may even help to reduce pain. The techniques will help to build confidence in your goals to have a more positive and gentle birth.

There are many available networks who teach and guide hypnobirthing but Tracy provides techniques and strategies that you can use during your pregnancy and labour to reduce discomforts or illnesses and help to connect with your baby.

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The information and exercises in Tracy’s book provide emotional and physical health and mindfulness through your pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting passage. There is no better time to start preparing to be calm, relaxed and confident as you commence your parenting journey and prepare to meet your baby.

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