Have you ever wondered why your child’s sleep is just so hard?!

I remember when I was a first time parent to my little baby boy. My gosh, he was HARD work! He cried all the time, vomited excessively, fed beyond frequently and never slept.

I questioned my parenting. I questioned my abilities as a mother. I wondered what I was doing wrong?!

I looked at my sister who had more than 1 child, and every other Mum I knew, and tearily pondered how they could possibly have more than 1 child. What were they doing so RIGHT? Why could they handle parenting but I couldn’t?

I had these thoughts ALL.THE.TIME. By the time my son was 20 months, I was still struggling with his sleep. I was rocking him to sleep, waking 6 times a night to resettle him and battled with his eating habits. I sought advice from many others but was always told it was normal. One doctor even told me I was an “overly anxious mother trying to find problems in a perfectly healthy little boy”.

Overly anxious?! Perhaps, but only because my first 20 months as a first time Mum were beyond challenging. Perfectly healthy little boy?! I certainly didn’t think so.

Through my studies to become a sleep consultant, and my concerns as a Mum, I quickly realised how important it was to look at sleep from a holistic perspective and through a lens of “there is more going on here”.

On this basis, I started to explore WHY my child was so resistant on sleep. And I found my answers on my own journey.

The bottom line here is, sleep shouldn’t be that hard! It is a normal biological process that should be relatively easily achieved and if it’s not, and you’re questioning your parenting or your abilities, then there is something else going on that you need to explore. Note: sleep shouldn’t be that hard!

Don’t settle for “it’s normal” or that it’s your fault. For those who need to hear it, it’s NOT your fault. There is an underlying issue causing difficulties for your child to achieve healthy sleep. It is so important for not only you, but also your child, to determine what that is so you can improve their sleep and your quality of life.

I have moulded my practicing to address underlying factors, and not just focus on the basic structural or behavioural concepts. This is the key to my success with families. If you’re exasperated, tired and have completely exhausted all avenues on sleep, then please reach out to me. I promise I will be able to help you achieve the changes you desire and reach your goals.

Book in for a free 15 minute discovery call to talk more about how I can help:

Forever bringing sleep to families,

Shereen x

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