My Story

Hey there beautiful!


My name is Shereen Nielsen and I am the Course Creator for the Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Courses.


My journey as a certified Sleep Consultant started nearly 5 years ago when my son was 20 months old as still a shocking sleeper. 


I needed help to improve my son's poor sleep habits but unfortunately, there was no one who could help me. There had to be help out there for parents like my husband and I. This was the trigger to explore my desired career as a Sleep Consultant.



It was at this point I signed up for an Infant and Child Sleep Consultants Course and began my studies to complete my certification. 

After several months and during my pregnancy with my daughter, I received my certification and began practicing as a qualified consultant.


I continued to work as a Sleep Consultant after the birth of my daughter but the more I practiced, the more I realised my personal practising preferences didn’t reflect those of the company that I worked for. 


I felt that my personal up skilling and professional development was far exceeding what I had learnt from the training provider so I decided to start my own business, which had always been the plan.


I took a leap and co-founded a training institute where I co-wrote two sleep consultants courses to raise the standards of the sleep consulting industry. I also mentored a number of students through their learning journey towards becoming qualified infant and child sleep consultants.


I had a team of consultants and students and although being a part of a team was wonderful, I felt my unique style was lost and I wasn't able to share my knowledge as truly as I'd like. 


This is when I decided to part the business and focus heavily on my own practicing and mentoring and I created Shereen Nielsen - Sleep and Behaviour Consulting. 


Over the last year, I have been working behind the scenes to upgrade the quality of content in my sleep consultants courses but also alter the delivery and learning style to reflect the feedback from previous students. 


I am looking forward to training and mentoring a new intake of students and I cannot wait to support and guide my students on their journey and give them the tools to do what I do and love.


You can take control of your career and do what you LOVE!


It's a beautiful career which perfectly compliments your lifestyle.